Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wrong Key to the Pandora's Box

PKR de facto leader DSAI by now should be in the police custody giving his statements with regards to the sodomy charge by Saiful Bukhari, his former assistant after showing the government how to use the keys to the Pandora's box that can ease the people's burden by reducing the price of petroleum.

It is no doubt that DSAI's aura outcasted DASC's personal attack that was seen to deviate from the main issue or maudu' as referred by the former DPM. DSAI exploited his lengthy experience to once again garner moral support from the audience and left DASC on the defensive mode though succeed in putting forward few reasonable facts and justifications on the price hike.

There are few facts that DASC can easily rebut and has the advantage as him having the last word. He failed to point out that the government is conservative enough to safeguard the availability of the nation's oil reserve when DSAI seemed to disregard expert findings and that oil reserves will only last until 2015. His stand on the nation's prudence in oil for petroleum expenditure will be compromised if he continues to take the populist's stand citing on the previous report that said the oil reserve will only last up till 2005 and the reality is oil is still available. But then, we must regard DASC as the underdog for being more junior to a figure like DSAI and the reality is, not many from UMNO leaders dare face to face with DSAI in live public forum.

By and large, DSAI's same old tune on corruption and incompetencies being replayed again as he repeatedly regard it as one of the contributing factors towards fuel hike. Datuk Shahrir Samad in his opinion that DSAI did not really fight for the general public as diesel prices that give more impact in his brief interview with Bernama TV after the historic event. Diesel fuel is the major component in transportation of goods that will determine retail price of goods that affect the general public.

DSAI may have the bigger applause in the DEBAT session, but on the contrary, he has the key that failed to open the Pandora's box, though he showed us how to open it or, simply, it's the wrong Pandora's box.

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