Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ah Long Reduced to...... Cry Babies?

It is absolutely a rare scene when once ruthless, heartless, lawless, Malaysian loan sharks or infamously known as Ah Long turned to MCA Complaints Bureau, Datuk Michael Chong after admitting of being mistreated and 'assaulted' by a group of vigilantes.
As news are being spread all over, it seems that Ah Long found themselves on a different side of the table now.
Complaints of borrowers being harrassed by these Ah Long are always treated as isolated cases as victims tend to keep it to themselves as it is a personal matter. Borrowers are often extorted, their houses splashed with red paints, families broken and some cases, suicide.
Though many borrowers came to see the saviour Chong, often these reports are not followed through and cases were not solved but rather passified. Are these cases referred to the authorities? Probably yes, but seldom we heard they are being resolved amicably until Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia came in and take serious action to renegotiate with close to 600 Ah Longs for a far more reasonable solution for the borrowers after receiving reports from them.
Loan sharking is a profitable business and it is not surprising if it is closely protected by unseen hands, as other unlicensed sin businesses.
The Ah Longs who went to Michael for help may have been apprehended unlawfully in the eyes of the authorities but in the eyes of the public, it surely served them right and let it be a valuable lesson to other Ah Long as there are vigilantes out there to whack them through and through.
But as a final analysis, this development is definitely deserves appropriate and positive response from the authorities and these vigilantes must be given due respect for reducing these thugs to Cry Babies!


Ucu said...

Barula kena buku dengan ruas. Ajar cukup-cukup Along-along ni.
Mikel Chong kena ada orang bagi warning kat dia jangan bagi muka sangat kat Along-along tu. Tak taulah kalu dia ni sepupu along-along tu.

anti along said...

Abang2 polis tu lebih nak tolong along ke orang yang kena pukul dek along-along tu?
Kurang kedengaran cerita2 along2 kena tangkap ke, kena masuk mahkamah ke, kena saman ke.
Tutup kes ke. Kita memang sedar banyak Melayu yang kena belasah dek along2 setan ni!