Friday, July 18, 2008

What Else Is There Bro Anwar?

Now there's a precedent set by DSAI, questioning the credibility of the law enforcers. To him every officer of the law is out to manipulate facts and prosecute him as being directed by his political enemies.
This is a very serious development. But the question is, if the doesn't trust the workings of the system, then justice is delayed and denied. But at the same time he demands justice, HIS style.
Actually he is creating loophole in the system which will be very bad for him when he is in power. When he is in that position, naturally he would want to ooze away his adversaries one way of the other. Tables will be turned and once again the law enforcement agencies will be questioned by anyone he's after.
What else is there if the legal system is not in his favour? Why did he turn to syariah court to initiate qazaf proceedings where in Syariah law liwat is not applicable.
Now it's his words against Saiful. To clear the air, last resort, MUBAHALAH. Let Allah pass the sentence.

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Anonymous said...

Ular betul la dia ni. Suma orang dia tak percaya. Penyokong dia pula tinggal yang muda-muda saja. Rakan-rakan sebaya suma dah tinggalkan AI sebab mereka tahu bebenor gelagatnya