Monday, July 14, 2008

Disarraying of Malays

Probably its too much to say that the Malays are still finding their destiny which has been battered through well over 500 years of colonialization. To date, though being guaranteed of their rights and privileges under the cloak of the constitution, the indigenous race is still left with cliches like poverty, undereducated, disunited, unorganised etc.

Waves of political disagreement seems like a mandatory affair among their leaders who only care, or at least seems like it, is their posts as a guarantee of ultimate success. One probably noticed that the Malay political upheavals came around as the economic cycle as though they are correlated.

The Malay political scenario was in turmoil in 1987, so is the economy, once again in 1997, so is the economy and as though agreeing with the 'history repeats itself' rhyme, here we are in 2008 taking the Malay politics back into the center stage; with bigger and more thrilling yet to be seen outcome.

The Malays were always seen as a graceful race, through their poets, dances, grace silat moves and well known for their kind words and beautiful yet meaningful simile phrases. Well, guess thats history now. The new 'improved' Malays of the millennium now are well acquainted with superb terms drug abuse, adultery, sodomy in addition to the above mentioned attributes. A round of applause please for becoming the leading self mutilation category award.

Are we pushed to the wall yet? Of course not, because there's still more room to iron out our differences, our way, slandering and bad mouthing. When actually do know that we are pinned to the corner? Checkmate?

We actually don't know or won't realise it if the boiling water frog theory holds. Take a frog and toss it into a boiling bowl of water. Through it's natural reflex, the poor animal will actually spring out of it. Now take the same poor frog and let it take a nice warm swim. A frog is an amazing animal that it can adapt to it's surrounding well, like the Malays. Slowly increase the temperature of the water, the poor frog will not budge and still enjoying its bathing session until the water actually boils and reduce it into a frog soup.

This happening to the Malays now. Are we going to wait until we are reduced to a Malay soup in the famous 'Melting Pot'?

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