Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nalla As Senator, IS BN KIDDING?

The appointment of Datuk Nallakaruppan as a Senator proves nothing except the undisputed strength of Anwar Ibrahim and the Opposition Front.
Datuk Nalla has all the prooves and evidences of the unethical, indecent and unruly personal practices and habits of the Opposition Leader.
But is the public really care about these issues that cloaks Anwar? There are altogether 37 close aides of Anwar who defects and brought all the 'goods news' about the leader, from written prooves to video clips, but apparently the support remains unscathe.
The BN has already appointed Anwar's former political secretary, Ezam who when he was a staunch supporter of Keadilan, claims to possess 6 boxes of documents pertaining to the misappropriateness of Tun Mahathir's government.
Given Ezam's defection, Anwar is still standing strong and tall.
No court rulings, court orders, no court decisions, no 'sumpah laknats' seems to scratch him even a bit. Even the Chairman of DAP Mr Karpal expressed his displeasure towards Anwar by asking him to repent, he still gains support.
If all these evidences did not budge Anwar from his supporters, what significance does it serve to appoint Nalla who represents an puny year old political party? It does nothing, absolutely nothing towards BN's advantage but will stir further relationships between UMNO and her traditional Indian political partner, the MIC.

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