Thursday, June 9, 2011

Polygamy and Obedient Wives Club Has No Relevance

Angeline Lesslar, butt out of discussing polygamy when referring to the existence of this club. The two elements have got no relevance whatsoever. This is the tenets of Islam has have to accepted by Muslims and there should be no questions asked.

What the club merely preach was what's in line with Islam for which the wife not only obedient but faithful to the husband. Having said that taking a second wife or third or fourth wife for that matter as demeaning and as an insult is a appalling statement that should be condemned by all Muslims. She is not questioning Muslim man taking another wife but questioning the syariah ruling as a whole. She said this in today Malay Mail, the paper that cares; excluding Muslims?

Obedient to the husband in Islam doesn't mean to follow whatever he ordered or entertain everything that he demanded but doing it as long as it doesn't contradict with Islamic rules and orders. Being faithful is also the main essence in an Islamic marriage.

Islam truly stresses on the life hereafter rather that only on this earth and for woman it is easier for them to succeed in the endless world. For woman, if they pray, fast, obedient and faithful to the husband, she is entitled to enter the heavens through any door she wishes. But of course for Angeline would not buy this because she will enter he daddy's own heaven!

The Malay Mail should be more sensitive if any non Muslims made attempts to belittle Islam as the Federal religion because inaccurate statement may lead to public unrests.

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