Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Then Came The Great Raja Petra

Here's to you Raja!
Here's what he says:
Then some Malays said that the reason this happened is because MAS serves liquor on board its flights. Many airlines from other Muslim countries also serve liquor on their flights. And, of course, airlines from non-Muslim countries also do the same. Why has God singled out just MAS to punish for serving liquor on its flights? Why did God not similarly punish any of the other airlines, especially those from other Muslim countries, for the sin of serving liquor on its flights?
Is Malaysia so special? Is Malaysia being especially chosen by God to punish for serving liquor on its flights? Why is this punishment reserved only for Malaysia while all other countries are exempted from this punishment?
Here's what I say:
Yes Raja Petra, you're right there's some Malays who does the talking faster before they think; but by you reacting by stating the above, you are no better than them. I writing from my tiny blog that never will in no way have the amount of readership that you have garnered so far and I doubt that you will have the opportunity to read what I have to say. And I don't intend to say it purely on the premises of a human being but as a Muslim guided by our holy book and the sayings of our beloved Prophet.
Do realize by uttering those words that you are taking the role of Allah (my God is Allah) by determining who should be punished and who to be left alone? And let me ask you, are the Israelist so special in the eyes of Allah that there no stopping to the devastation that they have caused for decades? Why not ask why didn't Allah punish the consumers of liquor contract liver failure soon after they take their sip? 
Being Muslim, we are guided by Shariah Laws and we are supposed to obey them and the rest is up to Allah to decide. Who are you to question what should Allah do and why Allah didn't do this and that?
Liquor is clearly prohibited in Islam and there's no two way about it even as a cure or for it's claimed medicinal abilities. Mishaps do happen even in a fully Shariah Environment and that explains why our Prophet too, had to undergo tough times in propagating Islam. If this task was a breeze, Allah would have selected a king as His apostle and everything will fall easy. So Raja Petra be careful with your words, because utterance coming from you goes a long way and I'm afraid that you too will have a long way to correct the mistakes for which others who took it to the bank. Don't let the fingers do the walking faster than your thoughts.

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