Monday, July 21, 2014

MH17: Nga Kor Meng Kena Hempok

Nga Kor Ming kena maki hamun keluarga mangsa MH17 kerana mulut jahat dan celupar :

You want the truth YB...the truth is my family lost a woman who was a wife...mother....grandmother....sister....cousin to many of us. Shut the fuck up !! Why blame MAS...the entire world is not blaming MAS and you call yourself a Malaysian MP !!. Why not head to the Russian embassy and demand they allow us full excess to the crash site ? What bloody truth !?? 

The truth is our love one is gone and here you play politics !! Are you a baboon ? A wanker ? A damn fool with no heart for our pain that we and many like us are going through here and all over the world !!?? Do not make me curse you and your entire family for diluting the magnitude of this tragedy by asking questions which many here already know !!?? 

There is a time and place for you to dwell into MAS for your political gimmick...this is now the time for us the families and you the leaders to fight for us so that we get the remains and whatever belongings is left as a form of comfort. We have a love one only god knows in what senseless situation in a field and here you talk about MAS !!?? 

We will not forget how you are trying to hoodwink for political mileage our loss of a love one with your leading question !! The truth have proven now to me and my family and many Malaysians you are not fit to represent us. You are nothing but a fucking publicity whore !! WE HAVE A LOVE ONE WHO WE HAVE LOST YOU BLOODY BASTARD !! 

You are a disgrace to humanity !! I am sad and angry at those responsible for the senseless murder of our love one BUT I am disgusted by your lack of sensitivity towards we who had a love one on board !! If we lived in a world where laws did not exist and if I was not a better person...if I saw you...I would call you out and give you a beating your next 10 generations would feel. You have disgusted me to my very core !!
Tq Major Huan
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