Monday, June 16, 2014


If you had a dirty towel of cronyism in your hand would you think twice before you toss it to Tan Sri Francis Yeoh's face for his obnoxious remarks about cronyism? Or racial and religious issues? Hit a man on his face and say sorry is enough? Shouldn't he gets the same?

Given his manipulative and rogue business tactics throughout his wheelings and dealings, is he in the best position to babble about cronyism? He should calm his mouth down and start reviewing himself on how the Malaysian public 'awarded' his family such an enormous wealth and economic power.

The utility customers will never forget how actually they are made to pay 30 sen for power when he produces it at 23 sen whereby TNB is able to produce it at 8 sen since 1994. He was at liberty to grab TNB sites in Paka and Pasir Gudang to build his so-called advanced IPP, which gave him the privilege to force the "take or pay" mechanism in the off-take agreement. Through this grossly inflated power deal he reaped enormous profits to acquire assets across Europe, Australia and Singapore. Daylight robbery? Gave that opportunity to any man on the street, and he would also made billions, but why Francis Yeoh? Get Tan Sri Ani Arope do the storytelling.

Everybody seems happy about ERL that ferries us from KL Sentral to KLIA in 28 minutes. Another Yeoh's success story. For him, that is very true. But to everyone's unknown surprise untold story is that every passenger is made to fork RM5 airport tax going to KLIA to be paid to the express line even though only 5% using the ERL. Furthermore, the taxpayers have to pay an extra RM100 million for the recent extension of ERL to KLIA2. For that, passengers will have to be made RM2 poorer. Beware of taxi touts in KLIA? Well, Francis Yeoh is the king of touts.

If one could ask the breakdown to racial employees in his organisation, how would it look like? How many Malays and Indians having the strategic and decision making positions? How many of the same race makes a living as coolies and low ranking junior executives with no hope of better positions and attractive wage packages? Well there are of course some apple polishing activities in which a Malay is appointed to some awkward position that really doesn't have him to come to work to protect some little trade secrets within the organisation. This is the 'tabik tuan' position.

One of his most powerful criticisms is the provision of unfair advantage to the Bumiputera as a national policy. Can he really point us out what is the magnitude of sub-contracting works and supplies given by his companies to Bumiputera entrepreneurs? What about the development project in Sentul that gives him the privilege (again) to acquire acres of KTM land at rock bottom price although the national company is in the red? What is the value of contract handed out to Bumi companies? 

In the recent turnaround, YTL group suddenly become the telecommunications expert, surpassing our very own Telekom Malaysia, the 4G license and the Bestarinet Project which provides ICT solutions to all government schools. The Bestarinet is not progressing to what is expected by the government, and sources told that Telekom Malaysia is set to take stewardship under the cloak of buying over their 4G license. How convenient!

Well, Francis Yeoh, you threw a dirty cronyism towel to the Bumiputeras and we are all ready to throw back dozens of them back to your ugly, filthy chauvinist face!

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