Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pakatan: Will It Wear Down?

As Kedah PAS government is squeezing out of its thick bushes of blunders, PKR is yet to wrestle another sexual issue involving its Supreme Leadership Council member, a renowned Ustaz Badrul Amin.

Datuk Seri Azizan, Kedah Menteri Besar is faced with leadership crisis as two of its Exco members, rebel against him and not being in the list of members as approved by the Sultan. Pushing his credibility and pride aside, PAS Secretary General, Mustafa Ali issued an order to include the unscrupulous duo in the line-up.

Meanwhile, in Kuantan, a PKR Ustaz, as he is being known, Badrul Amin is busy brushing out an accusation of close proximity with a married woman by the Pahang State Religious Affairs Department.

On both incidences, the script is standard; UMNO is always the culprit behind them, same goes for all other issues which concerned the leaders of the hilarious Alliance.

The Malaysian public, particularly those who are watching the political scenario closely would have to accept the fact that despite all these misfortunes that engulfs the Alliance, support is this intact, and that the spirit for change is still alive that the Barisan Nasional can't afford to take it for granted. Alas, the leadership of the front are still looking comfortable and let the two top leaders answering and rebutting issues shrouding it.

Surprisingly, Anwar Ibrahim is tactful enough to tackle these issues to the streets and turn it around to Pakatan's advantage. Just imagine that he is already stripped of his pride and honour by the 'China Doll' tape, not to mention the infamous two counts of sodomy cases, in which the legal institution was brought down to their knees into making irregular statements.

Yet, the support is still predominant as we have seen through major rallies namely Bersih 1 and 2, and lately the Lynas rally.

What is there in the Pakatan or PKR that makes them so 'bullet proof' against all odds? We have seen how BN's machineries tried very hard to exploit issues which they think should wear off their adversary's support, but ended in dismay. We have also seen how the BN government embarks on rakyat's interest by giving direct cash goodies for which the impact is not as expected.

The answer is human nature. Humans, by nature are rebellious and Anwar is aware of this and took advantage of it since his student days. He took everything to the streets including lies and slanders; and it works.

Pakatan has been taught by Anwar to live on issues, the more issues they have the more public exposure they gain, as an opportunity for them to explain only glimpses on the current squabbles they have but elaborate more on their opponents' failures and scandals, regardless of the authenticities.

BN should focus more on program and walk the talk and stop harpooning on the issues plaguing Pakatan in the mainstream media but expose it more in the alternative media where the audience is more dissident.